Key Members

Kelly Wentworth - MPV - Atlanta President, Board Member, Imam


Kelly Wentworth was inspired by her strong belief in an open and inclusive worship space to create the American Islamic Fellowship (AIF) in Atlanta, GA in 2007. In 2011, AIF became a part of Muslims for Progressive Values and Kelly joined its board. In Atlanta, she has helped create a mosque space with continuous activities, educational programs, and chaplaincy and officiant services. Kelly received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language from Tennessee Technological University. She spent two years in Yemen and worked as an EFL Instructor where she received a diplomacy citation from the U.S. Department of State. She currently works as an Implementation Consultant for an event software company. Kelly actively participates in human rights, women’s rights and LGBT rights efforts everywhere she can. She is a part of various projects that promote music and arts in the community. Kelly is a fellow at the Muslim Institute, which exists to promote and support the growth of thought, knowledge, research, creativity, and open debate.

Trina Jackson - Board Member, Community Leader, Imam

Trina, a Georgia native, serves as a board member and community leader/imam for her local mosque, Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV) Atlanta chapter. She also serves on the National Council of the Fellowship of Reconciliation an integrated, interfaith, intergenerational, and international peace and justice organization. Trina is a teacher/human dignity advocate as a public high school science teacher in Atlanta, GA. Her other community activating/agitating work includes growing justice in the US criminal justice system through challenging the policies of mass incarceration and the death penalty. Her work also raises awareness about why #Black Lives Matter and its connections to Palestine/ Israel and other US sanctioned violence and imperialism. Her spiritual/philosophical roots are sown deep into both mysticism and naturalism that foments her passion for inter-religious peacebuilding, and local food security.

sonali sadequee - Board Member, Community Leader


Sonali Sadequee is a healing justice organizer and a co-founder of Kindred Healing Justice Collective-a collective of community organizers and healers who organize and support social justice movement builders to build practices towards collective resiliency, safety, and liberation as responses to state and institutional violence and intergenerational trauma. She is also the founder of Sustainable Wellness, a lifestyle transformation consulting practice that specializes in supporting LGBTQI people and people of color dealing with trauma and stressful lives to create a greater sense of wholeness and sustainability in their daily lives. She facilitates wholistic educational programs that support participants with plant-strong cooking skills, juice cleanses, meditation, trauma-informed communication skills, and trauma-informed alignment-based yoga for the purpose of individual and collective liberation. As a member of the Sadequee family, she organizes and speaks publicly to expose the inherent injustices of the War on Terror and the prison industrial complex. Her roots as a community healer are in Purna Yoga, social justice, trauma-sensitive-yoga, nutrition, Imago communication, Tantra, Reiki, and her own journey in exploring the mystery of life. Social justice, movement, spirituality, and deep self-exploration have always been sources of transformation for Sonali.


Barbara Khandakar is an adviser and former member of both the MPV-Atlanta board and the MPV Community Council. She has been involved with the community since 2009. Her compassion for equal rights and a community with a judgment-free environment for all ages brought her to American Islamic Fellowship, which later became part of Muslims for Progressive Values. Barbara's focus has been on education for children within an open environment of Progressive Muslims and providing them with a love of Islam and curiosity.  Barbara received her education in Environmental Horticulture and worked in the horticulture field for 10 years managing, designing and, training.  She also is a mother of 4 brilliant life-changers.  She taught Sunday School for 4 years at an Episcopal church in Georgia and is an advocate for her own children, standing up to make sure they receive the rights they deserve within the Special Needs programs.